Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

As TUNCAL, one of the most important promises we make is that we will work with all our strength for a fairer, cleaner world, regardless of the difficulties we face.
We welcome the requirements of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act and view the transparency it promotes in line with our support of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and their requirements to 'know and show' that we work to respect human rights.
TUNCAL is committed to ensuring that our business is not involved in modern slavery or human trafficking.
Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of basic human rights.
Slavery takes various forms, including servitude, forced or compulsory labor, and human trafficking, all of which have in common the deprivation of one's freedom by another to exploit it for personal or commercial gain.
TUNCAL will not support or engage in any business with any businesses knowingly involved in modern slavery or human trafficking.

Our Policies Regarding Slavery and Human Trafficking
We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or in our supply chains. In order to reflect and implement our commitment to conduct all our business honestly and ethically, we have a Global Behavior Policy signed at director level that applies to all personnel at TUNCAL. This is complemented by a specific Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy to implement and enforce systems and controls to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not take place anywhere in our business or in our supply chains.

Our Suppliers Commitment to Our Values
We have zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. We have a dedicated Procurement Services team that works closely with our Legal, Compliance and Internal Audit teams. We have a Global Procurement Policy in effect and approved by the Board of Directors to provide a controlled, transparent, auditable and compliant purchasing service. To ensure that prospective suppliers are qualified to do business with TUNCAL, our personnel are required to complete the appropriate due diligence analysis.
Our procurement team takes supplier management and performance seriously. Decisions about potential suppliers are made based not only on price and delivery times, but also on other factors, including the supplier's ability to deliver while maintaining compliance with applicable laws, and the supplier's past compliance with TUNCAL standards if previously commissioned by us. Procurement monitors the contractual performance of our suppliers and, where appropriate, implements Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs) with our suppliers.
Purchases from suppliers are made using standard contract forms or a set of standard purchase order terms and conditions, including:
A representation and warranty from the Supplier that it or any of its employees has not been convicted of any slavery or human trafficking offense or is the subject of any investigation into any alleged slavery or human trafficking offenses
Supplier's obligation to comply with all applicable laws, in particular the Modern Slavery Act 2015
Audit rights of TUNCAL (or an independent third party representative) to verify the supplier's compliance with the requirements
TUNCAL's right to terminate the supply contract immediately in case the supplier violates its compliance obligations.
The supplier must also respond as part of their proposal to a number of legal and regulatory issues that they are familiar with, including the requirement to pre-approve that they must comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015
All procurement contracts made to the supplier's terms are duly reviewed by our Procurement and Legal teams to ensure that the supplier is obligated to comply with all applicable laws. By working with TUNCAL, the suppliers accept the terms of our Business Partner Rule, which sets the expectations of TUNCAL, the suppliers and our partners, including them, from everyone they work with to offer products to TUNCAL, and commits to complying with the principles in the Rules and to conduct all processes in an honest and ethical manner.

Education and Compliance
All TUNCAL personnel are required to read, understand and undertake to comply with our Global Behavior Policy. Senior management members receive specific face-to-face training in Behavior and Ethics with reference to our Global Code of Conduct to promote appropriate Conduct and Ethics practices throughout our organization. All TUNCAL personnel involved in the procurement of global goods and services are required to comply with our Procurement Policy.
This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
Let's create a more wonderful world together. From Tuncal With Love.

Chairman of the Board
TUNCAL Cosmetics Inc.
Ali Faruk GÜR