About us

From Tuncal Cosmetics' perspective, beauty is a code. All women want to have a smooth skin, voluminous and shiny hair and a strong, self-confident look in general. Similarly, so does men. We as Tuncal Cosmetics have been existing with our structure that is dedicated to the beauty of nature and we have always been inspired by this beauty since the day our company is founded. Our main principle is always to serve quality. Accordingly, the basis of our sales is selling the products which are equipped with the latest technology and are of high quality.

We are always listening the advices and feedbacks of our respectable customers and we shape our products range in the direction of these advices and feedbacks. We take part both in domestic and foreign markets with the trust we receive for our products and the high quality of our products. Under the brand of Tuncal Cosmetics, we have ANDIAMO BELLA skin care products, BLUGREE hair care and body care products, TSINUARDI makeup products, creams and perfumes, CHIXXIE products that are specialized for summer. With all of our products, we are continuing to grow rapidly by responding the needs of our customers who are passionate about self-care and beauty from all over the world.

Our Brands